Life of a cosplayer ain´t that easy

Life of a cosplayer ain´t that easy
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maanantai 27. helmikuuta 2012

`Cause it´s a Perfect Day :)

Listening: Hatsune Miku
Watching: sumthing random O__o

Being sick must be one of the things in the world that suck the most... not only that I spent most of my holiday having fever, but yesterday evening even my right eye started a war against me... Either it´s infected or it´s producting that white yucky thingy because of the flu. . . at the morning I couldn´t even open my eye!! The whole situation was like from a real horror story -_- though it looked so cool that I almost took a picture of my right eye 8D... but I didn´t..

I went to school just to see our school nurse.. nowadays I must be one the most often visiting patiences she has :DD it´s almost embarassing to meet her so.. often... xD she just told me to get well soon. "byebyeee!"

Gah! It´s already damn annoying to be sick at school without people staring at me like.. weirdo O.O
I was wearing this peculiar "mouth-mask(?)" to prevent the virus from spreading and making others sick too. .. guess it was too much for others to take?
My friend told me I looked like japanese when I was wearing it.. the hell I looked like. -_- it was none of his business.

I was coughing all the time and sneezing and my right eye looked like it would pop out and..and.. thus this, I felt  myself very atractive ^__^ it´s good that others noticed it too!
 They just told me:
-"oh gawd, you look so sick! Where do you live, I gotta bring you some soup!"
and I was like:
-"*coughcough* no thnks, I´m cool." I tried to avoid eye contact as much as I could xD(ofc not with my best friends: they have seen me sick and without make up often. It didn´t matter)

But yah O__o if there´s something I hate the most in the world, it´s pitiful glances..  I got couple of them today >.< it´s not like I´m made of glass or sumthing...

seeeeeems that my fever is getting higher.. I had to cancel my piano lesson for today ´cause I really don´t wanna infect my teacher *__* she´s gotta small kid, that´s why it´s important for her to stay healthy.
And I´m not sure if I could have pulled of that Trois Nocturnes of Chopin´s so easily (in this condition) anyway x3.

SideNote: God, I love Sushi O__o I would eat it aaaaaalll the time. But I´m not wealthy enough to do that, so I just gotta keep dreaming on! Maybe someday

Since it´s already been such a perfect day... enjoy!(-> from the rest of the day 833)
Ps. This viddie(above) is funny in my opinion ´cause in this PV it´s almost like me and my best Friend anna who really has long orange hair and I´ve got short, dark hair and we´re crazy like that xpp.. so nostalgic ;___;

Gotta continue psychology readingsssssss ;D
Tsüch. M

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