Life of a cosplayer ain´t that easy

Life of a cosplayer ain´t that easy
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sunnuntai 26. helmikuuta 2012

Yamamoto Yusuke 山本裕典

Since I´m alredy at it... what the hell :DDD

As perfectly noticeable from the earlier post, I ADORE YUSUKE!!

So I decided to make a some sort "examination" of him(hoping to learn something new too)

-Well it seems that he was born January 19th 1988, meaning he´s 24 years old now O///O (I´m 19, so 5 years "doesn´t" matter mwahaa 8DDD<- stalker strikes ...again..). His starsign is Capricon.

-As mentioned earlier, his height is 180cm (I´m like...20cm shorter..SHORTYYY) and his blood type is A(<- nice one)

-His birthplace is Aichi, Japan (<- why haven´t I heard ´bout Aichi before??)

                                                             It´s somewhere.. there.

-.. and there´s like hell of amount of tv series where he has been acting... whoa :O
  (just copied this straightly from
I found a website of his :
Not sure if it´s just fan based.. and it´s completely in japanese :DD (and with my japanese skills.. unreadable)

hmmhmm... guess there´s not that much new information?(sorry.. I got lazy..)

                                                                   Some piiiiics <3

Seeing this photo...if they ever make live-action from Ao no Exorcist.. Yusuke would make a perfect Rin Okumura O__O

With these thoughts ..Have a nice day!!
Tschüs, M.

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