Life of a cosplayer ain´t that easy

Life of a cosplayer ain´t that easy
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sunnuntai 26. helmikuuta 2012


Yah, guys!

I haven´t been so active with this blog lately :/ Gomenne. I´m still trying to get used of this whole "remember to write in this" blog-thingy. So much been going on*____*

Winter holiday came and went again (why it´s the same thing EVERY year???!) I´ve been watching (most of the week) Ouran High School Host Club DRAMA!!!!!! ILOVEITSOOOOOMUCH!!! TAMAKI-SENPAI!!! IWANNAMARRY YOU!!

^ ^ the actor of Tamaki is such a handsome fellow >.< though I gotta admit: everyone of the host guys is a MAJOR eye candy ;#3

DRAMA is preeeetty loyal to anime:  11 episode are all following the events of the anime precisely. So basicly: it might not offer anything new for those who are familiar with the anime version, but dear god, don´t pass it just because of that! (yar gonna miss some "more-diamond-than-E.Cullen´s" naked man skin if you do that *///*) So don´t. Seriously. No.

Otherwise, you´re gonna regret it baaadly.

As a summ up, I´m recommending this drama warmly ^__^

 山本裕典 (やまもと ゆうすけ) Yamamoto Yusuke as Tamaki Suou
Blood Type : A
Height: 180cm
(lol, now I look like a stalker...) My Highness ^__^

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