Life of a cosplayer ain´t that easy

Life of a cosplayer ain´t that easy
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perjantai 10. elokuuta 2012

Traconia odotellessa...

"Hei tracon-ukot hyppikää, nyt on kiireen raikkahin aika!"

Joo... enkä usko todellakaan olevani ainoa tässä tilanteessa.
Kuukausi coniin. Matryoshkat opettelematta. Cossi tekemättä. Wiggi tilaamatta.

Tai no siis, wigin sain tänään tilattuu. Kattoo ny jos se vaikka viittis vääntäytyä paikalle ENNEN conia. (Eikä conin jälkeen, niin kuin kävi desun frostbiten aikoihin =_= )

Jepulis jee.

Maanantaina kankaiden ostoon ja tiistaina alkaa koulu. Taitaa tulla taas yöompeluja. Ja sitten pidetään sormia ristissä ettei kaikki mee ihan vituiks.

Mutta muistetaanpa pitää se paljon puhuttu lippu korkealla, hyvä conikansa!

Kuukausi on kuitenkin sentään JOTAIN.

(eli suunnilleen se puol kuukautta kun kuukaudesta vähentää kouluun ja muuhun shittiin menevän ajan X__x ) "You have been trolled" ; D ha!

Jostain kumman Luojan lykystä, käteeni ilmestyi tänään 360e:n "palkka" jolla uskon porskuttelevani ropellillani turvallisesti Traconin vaaleanpunaiseen lippusatamaan. Alustavasti olin odottanyt vain reilua satasta, joten olin pyörtyä kun pitelin rupuisissa kätösissäni kolmea satskun seteliä.

Oli se vaan niin liikuttava hetki *snif*

Anyways, ehkä updateen sitten kun mulla on OIKEASTI  jotain maata mullistavaa matskua 8D (never) eli sitten kun alan kuvaamaan cossin  tekovaiheita ym. kaikkee "kiinnostavaa" ;)

Welcome to the dark side; we had cookies until we ran out of them.

Coneilemisiin !

Sopuliagentti M.

Text of no point at all

Random things do happen 8D (yeah, I´m not BORED or anything...)

Why does summer always end..?
It´s so... tragic

And then we have to deal with 8 months of darkness. AGAIN O_O
Wut´s the point?


Anyways, I ordered a new wig today ^ ^ my next cosplay is gunna be Hatsune Miku ;) (from one mainstream to another) and on monday I´m going to buy some fabrics and other cool stuff for the outwit *w* then I can start sewing! I´ve got one month before Tracon (actually, less than month..).. haha ^ ^` I´m so frickin "early" EVERYTIME =_= darrnnnnn

I´m gonna make it! I MUST make it! ;_____; ... (

Today, I dragged 3 beds out of my room =_= (my poor back) and before that, I had dragged 3 CLOSETS out of my room..

I was like: "MOM, what´s THE FRICKKIN POINT have EVERYTHING 3 PIECES when THE OUTCOMES is that I don´t even FIT IN MY OWN ROOM ANYMORE?????!!!" ..GarGh .: ?!?

Madness, I´ll say.

Now there´s only 3 tables and 3 book shelves left to wait... omg.
Oh, and I shouldn´t forget about the 3 computers either!!

ah... I´m going insane..

There´s gunna be lotsa work before my room is "liveable" but it´s totally worth it.
... But I´m still considering on getting a lock in my room´s door O_O trollllllll.

Oh, and about the wig: It´s NOT what I wanted in the first place, but I had no other choice than to order the one I did ´cause my time´s so limited.. (why I´m always so late with everything I do??)
and if I had ordered the more expensive and prettier one... well, it wouldn´t propably had made it to the Tracon... so..

Pity. ;___; *bitter tears*

And as a random site note: I´m feeling quite happy ^ ^

Haha. Weird, isn´t it ?

"All I need, is the air I breathe"

                                                  Tschüs, M.

keskiviikko 8. elokuuta 2012

Hurlum & My Little Bird

Gosh People!!

I haven´t updated this cursed blog in ages O_O whoaaaa!! (sowwie ;___; !)

Anyways, in youtube, many people have asked me where to find the Kuroshitsuji "My Little Bird" Doujin which I used in one of my most viewed vids in tube.
 Actually, there was one site, where I used to read Ciel / Seb doujins, but now I can´t seem to find it anymore ;____; I would have given the link for all of you who wanted to read that specific doujin.


So... What can I do?
I´m gonna update it right here.

YOSHAA! !! Here we go! (Enjoy! ;) )

                                                               .... I regret nothing O_O

Tschüs, M,

maanantai 27. helmikuuta 2012

`Cause it´s a Perfect Day :)

Listening: Hatsune Miku
Watching: sumthing random O__o

Being sick must be one of the things in the world that suck the most... not only that I spent most of my holiday having fever, but yesterday evening even my right eye started a war against me... Either it´s infected or it´s producting that white yucky thingy because of the flu. . . at the morning I couldn´t even open my eye!! The whole situation was like from a real horror story -_- though it looked so cool that I almost took a picture of my right eye 8D... but I didn´t..

I went to school just to see our school nurse.. nowadays I must be one the most often visiting patiences she has :DD it´s almost embarassing to meet her so.. often... xD she just told me to get well soon. "byebyeee!"

Gah! It´s already damn annoying to be sick at school without people staring at me like.. weirdo O.O
I was wearing this peculiar "mouth-mask(?)" to prevent the virus from spreading and making others sick too. .. guess it was too much for others to take?
My friend told me I looked like japanese when I was wearing it.. the hell I looked like. -_- it was none of his business.

I was coughing all the time and sneezing and my right eye looked like it would pop out and..and.. thus this, I felt  myself very atractive ^__^ it´s good that others noticed it too!
 They just told me:
-"oh gawd, you look so sick! Where do you live, I gotta bring you some soup!"
and I was like:
-"*coughcough* no thnks, I´m cool." I tried to avoid eye contact as much as I could xD(ofc not with my best friends: they have seen me sick and without make up often. It didn´t matter)

But yah O__o if there´s something I hate the most in the world, it´s pitiful glances..  I got couple of them today >.< it´s not like I´m made of glass or sumthing...

seeeeeems that my fever is getting higher.. I had to cancel my piano lesson for today ´cause I really don´t wanna infect my teacher *__* she´s gotta small kid, that´s why it´s important for her to stay healthy.
And I´m not sure if I could have pulled of that Trois Nocturnes of Chopin´s so easily (in this condition) anyway x3.

SideNote: God, I love Sushi O__o I would eat it aaaaaalll the time. But I´m not wealthy enough to do that, so I just gotta keep dreaming on! Maybe someday

Since it´s already been such a perfect day... enjoy!(-> from the rest of the day 833)
Ps. This viddie(above) is funny in my opinion ´cause in this PV it´s almost like me and my best Friend anna who really has long orange hair and I´ve got short, dark hair and we´re crazy like that xpp.. so nostalgic ;___;

Gotta continue psychology readingsssssss ;D
Tsüch. M

sunnuntai 26. helmikuuta 2012

Yamamoto Yusuke 山本裕典

Since I´m alredy at it... what the hell :DDD

As perfectly noticeable from the earlier post, I ADORE YUSUKE!!

So I decided to make a some sort "examination" of him(hoping to learn something new too)

-Well it seems that he was born January 19th 1988, meaning he´s 24 years old now O///O (I´m 19, so 5 years "doesn´t" matter mwahaa 8DDD<- stalker strikes ...again..). His starsign is Capricon.

-As mentioned earlier, his height is 180cm (I´m like...20cm shorter..SHORTYYY) and his blood type is A(<- nice one)

-His birthplace is Aichi, Japan (<- why haven´t I heard ´bout Aichi before??)

                                                             It´s somewhere.. there.

-.. and there´s like hell of amount of tv series where he has been acting... whoa :O
  (just copied this straightly from
I found a website of his :
Not sure if it´s just fan based.. and it´s completely in japanese :DD (and with my japanese skills.. unreadable)

hmmhmm... guess there´s not that much new information?(sorry.. I got lazy..)

                                                                   Some piiiiics <3

Seeing this photo...if they ever make live-action from Ao no Exorcist.. Yusuke would make a perfect Rin Okumura O__O

With these thoughts ..Have a nice day!!
Tschüs, M.


Yah, guys!

I haven´t been so active with this blog lately :/ Gomenne. I´m still trying to get used of this whole "remember to write in this" blog-thingy. So much been going on*____*

Winter holiday came and went again (why it´s the same thing EVERY year???!) I´ve been watching (most of the week) Ouran High School Host Club DRAMA!!!!!! ILOVEITSOOOOOMUCH!!! TAMAKI-SENPAI!!! IWANNAMARRY YOU!!

^ ^ the actor of Tamaki is such a handsome fellow >.< though I gotta admit: everyone of the host guys is a MAJOR eye candy ;#3

DRAMA is preeeetty loyal to anime:  11 episode are all following the events of the anime precisely. So basicly: it might not offer anything new for those who are familiar with the anime version, but dear god, don´t pass it just because of that! (yar gonna miss some "more-diamond-than-E.Cullen´s" naked man skin if you do that *///*) So don´t. Seriously. No.

Otherwise, you´re gonna regret it baaadly.

As a summ up, I´m recommending this drama warmly ^__^

 山本裕典 (やまもと ゆうすけ) Yamamoto Yusuke as Tamaki Suou
Blood Type : A
Height: 180cm
(lol, now I look like a stalker...) My Highness ^__^

perjantai 3. helmikuuta 2012


I guess the best way to start fresh blog is to tell something ´bout yourself first?

This is my second blog: the first one was pretty much of a fail. It ended up being a victim of my art diplom :p so I don´t wanna use it anymore. It´s so much easier to start everything "fresh". .. though I guess the biggest reason to abandon my first blog was to avoid my art teacher reading everything I write in the future(if that makes any sense???)

To keep it short: I´m almost 19 year old finnish/swedish gal from Finland who loves cosplaying. I´ve been married  to my piano almost 11 years, I´ve got a dog, a cat and a pony.

My accounts in other websites:
Twitter:!/search/realtime/YoruNoHai (warning: I´m lazy when it comes to tweeting :p)


Yorunohai(my first account) :

xYorunohaix :


World Cosplay: Nora Mary

I love chatting to people :) so please, feel free to comment in any of these accounts or send e-mail. There´s no need for subject.

Finnish Part:

Eli pidän tänkin nyt aikas lyhyenä :)

Tämä kyseinen blogi on jo toinen blogini, ensimmäisen päätin hylätä sen jälkeen kun olin käyttänyt sitä kuvisdiplomini portfoliona. Kauhistutti ajatus että maikka voisi lukea juttujani vielä vuosienkin päästä :))

Olen melkein 19 vuotias tyttö joka rakastaa cosplayaamista. Harrastuksistani voisin mainita pianon, jota olen soittanut melkein 11 vuotta. Omistan muutamia kotieläimiä, kuten koiran, kissan ja ponin.

Yläpuolella on linkkejä eri tileihini ympäri nettiä, eli jos tulee jotain asiaa, niin näistä osoitteista mut saa helpoiten kiinni :) (ehkä kaikkein helpoiten tubesta jonka tarkistan melkein joka päivä; deviantart on seuraava).  Sähköpostiinkin saa pistää viestiä ihan vapaasti.

Tykkään jutustelusta tuntemattomienkin kanssa(D:) eli vaikkei oo sen kummosempaa asiaa, voi pistää ihan rauhas kuitenkin sitä viestiä. En pure :) (ainakaan yleensä D:)

Cossi-ihmiset voi ainaski pistää rohkeest pistää viestiä, sillä cossaamisestahan ei voi koskaan puhua liikaa ;DD

Tschüs, M.