Life of a cosplayer ain´t that easy

Life of a cosplayer ain´t that easy
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perjantai 10. elokuuta 2012

Text of no point at all

Random things do happen 8D (yeah, I´m not BORED or anything...)

Why does summer always end..?
It´s so... tragic

And then we have to deal with 8 months of darkness. AGAIN O_O
Wut´s the point?


Anyways, I ordered a new wig today ^ ^ my next cosplay is gunna be Hatsune Miku ;) (from one mainstream to another) and on monday I´m going to buy some fabrics and other cool stuff for the outwit *w* then I can start sewing! I´ve got one month before Tracon (actually, less than month..).. haha ^ ^` I´m so frickin "early" EVERYTIME =_= darrnnnnn

I´m gonna make it! I MUST make it! ;_____; ... (

Today, I dragged 3 beds out of my room =_= (my poor back) and before that, I had dragged 3 CLOSETS out of my room..

I was like: "MOM, what´s THE FRICKKIN POINT have EVERYTHING 3 PIECES when THE OUTCOMES is that I don´t even FIT IN MY OWN ROOM ANYMORE?????!!!" ..GarGh .: ?!?

Madness, I´ll say.

Now there´s only 3 tables and 3 book shelves left to wait... omg.
Oh, and I shouldn´t forget about the 3 computers either!!

ah... I´m going insane..

There´s gunna be lotsa work before my room is "liveable" but it´s totally worth it.
... But I´m still considering on getting a lock in my room´s door O_O trollllllll.

Oh, and about the wig: It´s NOT what I wanted in the first place, but I had no other choice than to order the one I did ´cause my time´s so limited.. (why I´m always so late with everything I do??)
and if I had ordered the more expensive and prettier one... well, it wouldn´t propably had made it to the Tracon... so..

Pity. ;___; *bitter tears*

And as a random site note: I´m feeling quite happy ^ ^

Haha. Weird, isn´t it ?

"All I need, is the air I breathe"

                                                  Tschüs, M.

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